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 Change Is Like A Slinky  

"Change is a lot like a Slinky®... A Slinky® can be a lot of fun, but it is also completely unpredictable."
  Author Hans Finzel

Change or perish. This is a current motto for leaders in all types of organizations. But how does one adapt to such fast and furious change and effectively lead the organization through change intact and more effective?

Hans Finzel provides a proven strategy in Change is Like a Slinky®, exploring the major phases in the cycle of change.

Nine Ways Change Is Like A Slinky...

1. You have to take it out of the box to have fun with it.
2. It comes in many styles and colors.
3. Somebody has to launch it on its way.
4. The course it takes once it begins is entirely unpredictable.
5. It routinely gets stuck halfway down the stairs and has to be relaunched. Repeat as necessary.
6. It is messy, noisy and chaotic.
7. Before it is launched, it has stored potential energy when launched, that energy force becomes kinetic energy.
8. You really don't control it once it begins its journey.
9. It rarely lands where you predict.

The book, Change Is Like A Slinky®, by Hans Finzel combined with a Slinky® featuring a company or product logo is a great way for management to introduce change or reinforce change.

Call us. We can provide books and printed Slinkys® for your program.

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