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 Twelve Reasons For Using Slinky  
Have you ever considered using Slinky in a client marketing, promotional or advertising campaign?

If not, here are twelve reasons why you should:

  • 94% of all Americans know Slinky.
  • Slinky has one of the strongest and most recognizable brand names of any product
  • Slinky is one of the few products that is still made in America (Hollidaysburg, PA).
  • Slinky is made from 90% recycled metal.
  • Slinky is recession resistant.
  • Slinky is an American icon with an extremely positive image.
  • Slinky has over 60 years of history, attributes and characteristics that can be adapted to a client campaign (see Slinky Thesaurus).
  • Slinky can be color-keyed to match your clients corporate or product colors.
  • Slinky can be used as a means of packaging other products, i.e. compress t-shirt into a Slinky; fill center with candy; add circular Post-it notes; shrink wrap. You've just "stretched" your imagination.
  • Custom Slinky boxes can be provided for your creative program.
  • Real brass and gold Slinkys are available for special awards programs.
  • The first kid to ever play with a Slinky, Tom James, the Slinky Master and son of the inventor, can be available for special programs, i.e. autographed Slinky retro boxes, tell Slinky history, demonstrate Slinky.


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